Helpless – Powerless – Clueless – Directionless ?


How many of you have come across above words in your life?
How many of you have encountered these feelings?
What to do when we have such feeling?
How to tackle these & try to move forward?
How to accept the hard truth that nothing is in our hands?

There are so many times when we ourselves or our near & dear ones get engulfed in such a situation where there is no way out. We get that urge of thinking it like a nightmare, thinking that it’s not true; it’s just some imagination / illusion. We keep consoling our mind by a simple explanation that everything in this world happens by GOD’s will & we shall accept it. But, at the same time our heart keeps feeling that it’s not true.

It becomes such a helpless situation, you don’t find words to console the affected person, you can see/ feel the pain but you are unable to cure it. It is really a difficult challenge when you want to help but you can’t. All the strength, trust, belief & faith shatters away & you feel weak & powerless. You keep thinking if you could rewind the whole situation & make everything settle down smoothly, but you can’t. You are clueless on how to tackle the situation & you feel like you have lost your capability of sensing, judging, deciding & moving ahead. You feel like running away….running away from your problems, your worries, your fears, but the fact is: