Happy Friendship Day … !!


Hi Friends…!!
Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day…!!

Friendship—It is one of the most beautiful & amazing relationship.

Where you are what you are,
Where you do what you want,
Where you talk what you feel,
And where you act the way you like.

Where you give and take,
without any expectations,
without any boundations,
without any questions,
& without any reasons.

Where there are no formalities,
No excuses,
No complaints,
No explanations.

Where you may be miles apart,
Where you may not talk for months,
But when you talk, when you meet,
It seems like you were never away.

Where you feel happy,
To see other happy,
And where you are ready do anything,
To make the other happy.

The first place where you knock,
When in need or trouble,
The first person you rely on,
In your difficult times.

Where all you have is trust,
And Confidence in each other.

A bond forever,
A bond so cherish able,
A bond worth praising,
A bond so amazing.

Blessed are those, who get an opportunity to find good friends and I am one of those blessed one.

Thank you friends, for being with me, for making my life more meaningful, for letting me who I am, for forgiving all my mistakes, for standing by me whenever in need, for making me strong, and for making me HAPPY.. 🙂

Love You All…!!

May you get all the happiness & joys of life..!!

Once again, A HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY…!!!!!!!!!