Let Me Be “ME”



I am depressed,
I am disappointed,
My trust is shattered,
My faith is shaken

I am supposed to understand,
I am supposed to adjust,
I am advised,
I am instructed

Do you know me?
Do you know my situation?
Can you understand it?
Can you feel it?

NO – You can’t,
Because if you can,
You will let me be me,
You will let me grieve,
You will let me question,
You will let me move by my own pace

HOW can you ?
Advise and ask to cope,
Pressurize or exert force,
On what is already broken,
On what is already shattered

ALL I needed was-
A little support,
A little comfort,
An ear to hear,
Somebody near,
With some time,
And my own space

I am negative,
I think worst,
I am not practical,
I am emotional,
My talks are not pleasing,
My behavior is absurd

This is how I am,
This is how I will stay,
Until, one day,
I naturally overcome,
A part of my grief,
A part of my sorrow,

This is my toughest time,
But, if you can’t stay along,
I set you free,
And you can go,

I am aware,
No one like to stand by,
In your bad times,
In your troubles and cries.

Many like fun and party,
Enjoyment and celebrations,
Cheers and laughter,
Without any disaster,

I don’t need you and
Your advises,
Your suggestions,
Your false support

I will stay in my world,
With those who are,
Letting me stay,
My way,
My style,
With those who are,
Letting me,
BE ME !!