To be with you…for Eternity!




I can feel you,
But, I can’t touch you,
I can talk to you,
But, I can’t hear you.

It is so difficult to witness,
This one way communication.
Everything appears meaningless,
I am unable to handle this situation.

I know you are there,
I know you can never leave me alone,
You must be watching me,
You must be listening to me.

But, everything is one sided,
I also want to see you,
I also want to hear you,
I want to hold your hand & hug you.

Why there is a barrier?
Between two of us.
If my love was pure,
Why I have to suffer so much?

What shall I do?
To remove this barrier,
To regain our two way communication,
To be able to see and talk with each other.

I want to visit your world,
Please take me along.
So that we can stay together,
Today, tomorrow and forever.