The topic does not seems to make any sense but this is how the today’s world is moving forward….without sense…without logic….and without values….

In today’s world….education means a good professional degree…a good job…lots of money and a luxurious life. But, what about values, morals & principles? It is astonishing to see educated people running after materialistic things, cheating, lying & what not. It is this category that I like to call as “Educated Illiterates”.

They have all fancy degrees and luxuries around them but the core of their mind is just as illiterate as a rural village man.

There have been incidences with people around me…which had forced me to write down something which is not probably taught in Engineering, management and medical colleges.

–          It is not your CTC that makes you a good person. Real earning is good relationships and a helping attitude towards people around you.

–          Foundation of successful & happy family lies on family values, understanding & trust not on degrees, luxuries & dowry.

–          Playing with someone’s emotions is not as easy as playing video games. Always remember there is one supreme power above all of us. Fear GOD for HE will not forgive anyone for any misdeed.

This blog is dedicated to all my friends who are too depressed and disappointed by this crowd of “Educated illiterates” around them.

I just request you all that instead of cursing your destiny just pity on these “Educated Illiterates” around you.  They are not human beings with feelings, emotions and values. They are just mechanical robots who have been programmed to run after materialistic things and one should not curse his/her life for these mechanical robots.

Now, it is really challenging to find in a crowd who’s human and who’s robot? Just have faith in GOD and HE will give you the vision to identify.

If you are right, if you follow your values, if you have FAITH IN GOD….& faith in yourself no power in this world can ruin your life. Your success is in your own hands.

So, FRIENDS ….BE HAPPY ALWAYS….Its U and only U who can make your life Successful and Happy..!!

If you are Human….just spread the message and essence of this blog to robots around you….Ofcourse, this may be a wasteful, small effort but we can at least give it a try.