Happy Friendship Day … !!


Hi Friends…!!
Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day…!!

Friendship—It is one of the most beautiful & amazing relationship.

Where you are what you are,
Where you do what you want,
Where you talk what you feel,
And where you act the way you like.

Where you give and take,
without any expectations,
without any boundations,
without any questions,
& without any reasons.

Where there are no formalities,
No excuses,
No complaints,
No explanations.

Where you may be miles apart,
Where you may not talk for months,
But when you talk, when you meet,
It seems like you were never away.

Where you feel happy,
To see other happy,
And where you are ready do anything,
To make the other happy.

The first place where you knock,
When in need or trouble,
The first person you rely on,
In your difficult times.

Where all you have is trust,
And Confidence in each other.

A bond forever,
A bond so cherish able,
A bond worth praising,
A bond so amazing.

Blessed are those, who get an opportunity to find good friends and I am one of those blessed one.

Thank you friends, for being with me, for making my life more meaningful, for letting me who I am, for forgiving all my mistakes, for standing by me whenever in need, for making me strong, and for making me HAPPY.. 🙂

Love You All…!!

May you get all the happiness & joys of life..!!

Once again, A HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY…!!!!!!!!!



Happy FATHER’S Day… !!

Happy Fathers Day type for card or ad.


Father’s day – A special day for the most special person. For every child this word holds a special feeling of support, guidance, love & care.

All of us have different opinion & perspective & on this occasion of Father’s day , it would be great to share & discuss our thoughts.

Father- what does he means to you?

He has always been special & he will always be special. On this special day..me & my sister dedicate this blog to our dear father.. who has always made us feel like Princess..!! We are really blessed ..!!

He is the one who teaches us how to walk, how to run & how to live in this world. When Mom teaches us about emotions, sentiments & feelings, Father teaches us about practicality & reality. He gives us a vision to differentiate between right & wrong. He guides us on how to face this world, how to accept the truth, how to cope up with problems & how to stay strong. He seems to be tough but is soft actually; he seems to be practical but is emotional too.

Love you Papa… !! May GOD bless you & make your life happy, healthy & joyful..!!

father day

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Happy Mother’s Day…Love you Mummy :)

mdMummy, Mumma, Mom, Mother ——- The first relationship with which a child gets bonding.

The first feeling that a child gets – The feeling of belonging,  the feeling of togetherness. The everlasting bond built on the foundation of love & faith. Mother’s love and affection for a child is beyond compare. It’s the purest relations of all.

On this occasion of Mother’s Day approaching soon, I & my sister would like to dedicate this blog to our sweet, special, wonderful, adorable Mummy.

We don’t have words to define,
We don’t have sentences to explain,
For what we have are feelings,
Which are to be expressed…
What we have is love,
Which cannot be measured…
But, you know & we know,
Child & Mother is a bond,
Where the unsaid is understood,
And, you know & we know,
How much we both LOVE YOU 🙂

Wish you all the Happiness in Life…Stay healthy & stay happy to keep your sweet daughters happy too.


md quote

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“VALENTINE’S DAY”- What does it mean?


With the “Valentine’s Day” approaching what’s up in your mind?

1)      Who will be my Valentine?

2)      What to gift?

3)      How to make this day special?

4)      What’s so special in a day…it’s just one more day?

5)      Hey, it’s a kids thing…c’mon we are grown- ups now.

6)      This is a girl’s thing… this day…that day…and it’s not just a day…its complete week…we poor guys 😦

7)      It’s a time to express your love to your love.

8)      It’s a festival that needs to be celebrated religiously to show our respect to great St. Valentine.

9)      It’s nothing more than a business now…lots of pomp & show- lights, dance, gifts, music.. This is not really what one needs to express love with.

10)   Doesn’t matter at all… can run into celebration if time & circumstances permits & can sit peacefully at home if that’s the need of time?

There can be several other options…several other opinions…several other views on how you look forward for “Valentine’s Day- The Special Day that falls on 14th of Feb. every year”.

But, it somehow seems that the essence & purity of the day is fading somewhere in loud music & disco lights, in glittery gifts & sweet chocolates.

va-day (1)

True love does not wait for a particular day…true love does not have to search for valentine deliberately … true love does not needs a token of gift… true love is one that is felt & understood its own way.  For school kids & college guys, it’s just fun…& for some elders it becomes a vulgar way of showing love..But actually, VALENTINE’S DAY was all about sacrifice for the sake of humanity & for the sake of justice.

The origin of this day lies with great St. Valentine sacrificing his life for the sake of others. The history & origin of “Valentine’s Day” is not clear as there are different legends associated with different parts of world & different phases of time. But, one instance that can be evidenced at several places is that “St. Valentine was a priest in Rome. When Emperor decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives & families, St. Valentine stood against this injustice. He performed marriages of these young soldiers. But, his actions were discovered by Emperor and he was put to death.”

“St. Valentine sacrificed his life for his love to humanity.”

Now, it’s on us how to respect & how to celebrate this day, as it is not just an epitome of love for your sweetheart. In many countries a trend has started to communicate the feeling of love to a parent, a child, a sibling or a friend. Everyone needs to be loved, and often many relationships are taken for granted, but on Valentine’s Day each one can make an extra effort to express these emotions in a special way.



So, in the end we are left with a puzzled answer- The day is one but meanings are different. It would be nice if you can share what it means to you?

“One” or “MANY” ?


“One” or “MANY” – The question was raised in context of “BEST” Friend / Friends.

To reach the answer, first step is to define what or who a Best friend is?

Well, my previous blog defines this clearly. These are all those “Special” people who are not connected to us by blood relations, who are not a part of our family but still holds a very significant place & position in our lives. They are the ones who are with us in our joys & sorrows, who are with us even when they are miles apart, who care & share, who trust & understand, who encourage & motivate, who support & forgive, and whose company gives us so much joy & comfort that is beyond comparison.

Here are few instances, for you .

To Whom you will tell / had told when:

–          You got very good marks?

–          You cleared an entrance exam?

–          You got a great job offer?

–          You found your life partner?

–          You got a new car, new home or even a new puppy?

–          You were punished for mischief in class?

–          You met an accident?

–          You are disturbed with office politics?

–          You are disturbed with family politics?

–          You are in some terrible trouble?

–          You are fired out of your job?

–          You are unable to decide – What next?

–          You are depressed & disappointed by some bad experiences in your life?

–          You lose trust & faith in yourself?


BEST FRIENDS – The word is so magnificent & the relation is so Wonderful.

You can shout at them, you can laugh with them, you can cry with them, you can irritate them, you can eat up their time & brains, you can express all that you feel…  They are the ones with whom “YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU ARE”.

No formalities, no ifs & buts, no complaints, no expectations.


Now, the next step – Can we have only one such person or can we have a bunch of people around us in this category?

The word “BEST” itself supersedes all standards of Good & Better. The word itself signifies its importance & uniqueness.

So, in my quest to search for this One & Only One Best Friend, I tried to explore all my Special Friends.  I came across few questions –

Who I will choose if I have to choose One ? — “I thought & thought & thought but I could not place one over another. All are important, all are special in their own way.”

Who will I go with if I have to leave all others & go to an Island ? — “ Well , I will not go along with my best friend but with my life partner probably.”

Who will I choose if whole world is coming to an end and only two can be left? — “Again, Life partner & if bachelor I will chose my best friend & his/her life partner & let them go. In case of multiple best friends, I will just close my eyes & pick up one.”

And then I concluded that yes, we can have multiple “Best Friends”

Earlier, I used to see my life on a two-dimensional plane.  There were people around me—family & friends occupying their own space. And there was little room left for my best friend, it was as if I have to remove one, create a void, and give that place to a new person if required.

But, then with experiences, with circumstances, my outlook changed. It’s never a conflict of who is on top and who is on bottom; it’s never a conflict of creating / reserving space for friends. We get different friends in different phases of life, all of them unique & special in their own way. So, if I got a “Best friend” in school, it does not over rules the possibility of getting another “best friend” in college / job, nor, does it means that I am diminishing the value of my already existing “best friend”.

The vision broadned from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

Now, I view myself as a center of sphere. There are several concentric spheres around me, on their circumference there is lots & lots of space to accommodate more people. Also, there can be several spheres depending on type of relation & degree of closeness. Also, there can be several people on the same sphere holding the same importance in your life.

This is how I view and how I justify the fact of having several “BEST FRIENDS”. It would be great to hear your experiences & your views also on the same.


THANK YOU is too small for YOU… !!!!!!!!


“Thank you” is a way of expression & defining it as big/small is ridiculous. Probably this blog is about some methodology for measuring it. So, let’s see what this is all about?

Well, if we look back for past few days, few months or rather few years & think of instances, where we really felt the “urge” to say “Thank you”, we will get a clearer picture.

I utter “Thank you” when someone opens door for me, holds on the lift for me, shopkeeper hands over my goods, conversation on phone for some official purpose, when some stranger helps/ co-operates and the list goes on.

Dictionary meaning defines –THANK YOU as “A polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.”


But, how often do we THANK our closed ones?

Our Mom who cares for us day & night… our Mom/spouse who cooks delicious food for us everyday… our father who cares & guides us on each & every step in this walk of life…our siblings who share all our joys & sorrows… & our best friends who stand by us come what may. How many times do we utter “Thank you”… how many times we give them a “Thank you” note…how many times …?

These are the people who have touched our life, who have made our life worthy & joyful, who have made us feel special, who have given us a feeling that is priceless & beyond comparison. For these people, “Thank You” seems to be too small & too formal.

I am dedicating this blog to all those “Very Special” people around me.


I know you all don’t need words to describe your value, you are not expecting any sort of Thanks from me because what you do for me is unconditional & without any expectation.  I don’t need to express in words / acknowledge what you do for me because you are too close to read my thoughts & see my happiness.

But, today I am just giving a try to tell you how “Special” you are? I am falling short of words to describe how great you are? But, I would just list down few cherishable moments, that bought a smile on my face, happiness in my heart, & of course the pleasure of having you in my life:

–          I love the way you care

–          I love the way you share

–          I love the way you understand

–          I love the way you guide

–          I love the way you motivate

–          I love the way you inspire

–          I love the thoughtful discussions we share

–          I love the way you trust me

–          I love the way you celebrate my happiness

–          I love the way you encourage

–          I love the way you appreciate

–          I love the way you divide my sorrows

–          I love the way you stand by me in my tough times

–          I love the way you show concern

–          I love the way you convince

–          I love the way you forgive

–          I love the way you support

–          I love the way you are always there, even if we are miles apart & the frequency with   which we talk is rare

How can I just say “THANK YOU” for all of the above? But, I want to show my gratitude by letting you know that:







Who deserves more priority ?


Relationships again!

In my previous blog, I tried to lay emphasis on the meaning & importance of relationships. Each & every relation is significant with its own meaning, its own necessity &its own worth. To follow our roles we have to be faithful in all of them. But, now when we are dealing with a bunch of relations– father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, niece and friends—how to decide who takes priority over other?

Who is more important –
Parents / Children / Spouse?
Friends / Siblings?
Your paternal relatives / Your maternal relatives?
Your own relatives / Your in-laws?

Such confusions, such questions keep coming in our day to day life as there are several instances when we are not able to please everybody. We dwell in dilemma, we think & re-think & we proceed with one of them and then there is flood of misunderstandings & complaints from the other side. If the other side stays calm, then also, you keep introspecting and questioning yourself that you took the right decision or not? So, isn’t it better if we prepare a priority list & ease the trouble instead of thinking over again & again.


So, what are you thinking… pick the pen.. think of your special ones & start preparing a list based on priority. You have 15 min. , be honest , prepare the list and follow the second half of the blog when done.


What happened? List prepared?

Case 1 : “YES”

Are you satisfied? “To some extent”.

Do you have any doubts/ confusions? “Yes, I am not sure if my priority order is justified or not?”

Do you want to think again? “No, Don’t feel it will solve the problem.”

Is the dilemma of choosing amongst relations over ? “No”.

Case 2: “NO”


There were more & more confusions. There are so many relationships around me…I feel like I am tangled in a spider’s web.

Don’t know if I have to keep my mother on top who bought me in this world…who taught me crawl & stand & walk?

Or, shall I keep my spouse on top, with whom I have committed to share all phases of life, to walk together come what may, to stand by in all joys & sorrows?

It’s impossible to make a rightful judgment.


What is the correct approach then? Most of our life is spent in maintaining & retaining the relationships & instead of joy & pleasure they become burden at times. We feel like breaking the chains & running away from all these boundations and we start getting afraid of this word “relationship”.

Oops, the most beautiful painting on the canvas of our life, the sweetness & pleasures of beautiful relations…they have become a nightmare for us.

Instead of being a part of beautiful garden, where our parents stand like roots, where we stand with our spouse like trees, where our children stand like fruits, where our siblings stands like flowers, where our friends stand like grass…We feel like a part of spider’s web in a dark room, tangled badly and searching for an escape route.

So, isn’t there any solution to ease out the things?

Well, I don’t know if this will satisfy all or not…but for me there is simple solution. It all depends on perception & in my perspective:

We never have to choose between “RELATIONSHIPS”…We have to choose between “CIRCUMSTANCES”.

We never have to choose between “WHO” needs us most…We have to choose between “WHAT” needs us most.

We never have to choose who is “RIGHT” or who is “WRONG”…We have to decide how to handle the situation calmly & peacefully. (Home is not a battleground or court… It’s like a temple where everyone shall be respected & pleased, where everyone wins but no one looses).