Who am I ?


Who am I, without you? ..
What am I, without you ?..
Where am I, without you?..

I am your shadow,
I can only exist with you..
I am your part,
I can only stay with you..
I am your dream,
I can only wake up with you..

You are my foundation,
I can only stand with you..
You are my soul,
I can only live with you..
You are my world,
I can only exist within you..

I know you are around, because,
I am still moving,
I am still breathing,
I am still living.

It’s your love that nurtures me,
It’s your presence that guides me.
It’s your hands that holds me,
It’s your hug that comforts me.

Love knows no dimensions,
Love knows no distances,
Love knows no boundaries,
My love for you,
Your love for me,
Is unconditional and eternal!!


2 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. Everything you need is in you already. You need nothing from the external world. We are deceived into thinking we need the external world to make us happy. That is why you see people in commercials buying something and then becoming happy. Companies want you to buy their products. They make you believe that, for example, the latest phone is a source of happiness. Of course, if you could see a video of yourself being happy because you have a new phone (an object, a non-living thing), you will see yourself as being silly, even weird. It’s tough to do, but shed any idea that does not have you as the source of your own happiness.
    Also, commercials make you believe that you can be the source of happiness if you give someone something (for example, a diamond ring). Is then true that if you don’t give someone something, they won’t be happy? Picture a commercial in which a person comes home to their spouse and spouse gets angry because they didn’t receive a gift. “Where’s my diamond ring?” The angry person would look very silly, right? And, in the diamond ring commercials, it seems that a diamond is an expression of how much someone “values” another person. Isn’t that crazy? If I receive a $100 Gift Card from one person, and a $50 Gift Card from another person, then one person likes me twice as much as another person?
    So, focus on your own happiness, the happiness that comes from being the good person you truly are.
    Google “all you need you already have” and read some the articles. They are reaffirming.
    You are all you need.


    • Hello, yes I do agree with the happiness thing you stated above and the examples you gave. But, this poem is the outcome of my deep grief. I have written this for my mother, I miss her every moment.


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