I am Lost




I am as fragile as a glass,
A gentle push or a slight fall,
And I break into pieces,
Losing my identity.

I am as delicate as bird’s feather,
A slight breeze,
And I flow away,
To the world that I don’t like.

I am as weak as a palace of cards,
A delicate move or a touch,
And my whole self,
Falls down apart.

I am broken into pieces,
Pieces which I am gathering,
To complete myself,
Pieces Which I am binding,
To compose myself,
Pieces which I am joining,
To get back my identity.

But, I fail to do so,
Because the strength to join is missing,
The foundation to hold is gone,
The trust to stay intact no longer exists,
And motivation to keep trying has disappeared.

My forceful gathering of myself,
Is only able to make me,
A weak, delicate and fragile figure,
Which appear complete
But, to whom,
A fall, seems like falling from mountain,
A breeze, seems like a storm,
A movement seems like an earthquake.

Don’t treat me the way,
I was treated before,
I am not same,
I am not myself,
I have changed,
My strength,
My foundation,
My trust,
My faith,
My belief,
My confidence,
Everything has left me alone.

I am now a jigsaw puzzle,
All pieces jumbled up,
And I am unable to fix it,
It seems it can never be solved,
Even if I try to solve,
I won’t be able to hold it complete,
As the glue & link to hold it together,
Is now missing forever,
I will never be the same again.


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